Medical Coding Latest Updates and Announcements


This is our most active page in this navigation sequence that present and future medical coders should bookmark and revisit often for important updates.

We will continuously update this page with latest medical coding news from well known medical coding publications with articles, and dates for medical coding workshops and seminars. Regular reading of medical coding publications and announcements, as well as attending workshops and seminars keeps your medical coding knowledge and credentials current and you on top of current issues and important changes.  For example, there will be major changes in the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Module (CD-10-CM). CD-10-CM This will be a huge change for diagnosis Coding when it becomes effective in 2013. In your role as a medical coder you need to be prepared for this change so that you don't fail the providers who depend on you for their practice's success. 

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Speaking of medical coding credentials, we cannot emphasize it enough at this time there is no license, degree, or certification required to work as a medical coder.  Unlike physicians, surgeons, nurses and other licensed medical professionals who are governed by the State Medical Board/Board of Medical Examiners, a governing body of the medical coding and billing field does not exist. This is not to rule out that government health insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, might change the rules, but at this time, anyone who believes, or states that they must be "nationally certified" or have specific credentials before applying for a medical coding positions is misinformed. Here is what you need to know…

Medical coding is a career with excellent wages, benefits and promotions and bears great profit-making potential for those who wish to start their own consulting services or business.