Medical Coder's Wages and Pay Comparison

An entry level medical coder usually starts at $11 to $13 per hour, an individual with experience of 2-5 years can earn $15-$18 per hour, highly experienced medical coders with specialty certifications can earn as much as $23 per hour, or more. Here is a breakdown of factors that strongly affect the medical coder's take home pay:

Training – Industry specific training and credentials are probably the biggest factors influencing take home pay right along with years of experience.
Experience – Your work experience plays another important role. High recommendations from a former employer who attests to your experience and value to the company speaks louder than anything else in the healthcare industry. This could be your strongest negotiation point when discussing pay.
Company Size & Setting – Large companies may be able to offer higher wages than small businesses. The local job market situation also influences pay rates and the value you bring to the businesses.
Geographic Location – The location of the job can have a big influence on salary. Jobs in a metropolitan area is usually higher compared to small cities and urban areas.
Specialization – A specialty also affects wages. Some medical coders are highly specializes, or consultants in specific areas of the medical and healthcare coding and billing industry. Others are mentors at workshops, professional speakers at seminars, or authors of textbooks and teaching materials.
Self-Employed – Your employment type also affects how much money you can make. While as an employee you are likely on a per hour compensation with incremental wage increases over time, you will set your own rates as a self-employed individual. 

AAPC has published a detailed article and charts on their website that shows how much medical coders can earn along with a separate list of salaries by specialty and salaries by title. Furthermore, the website emphasizes that location affects the medical coder's wages, along with the cost of living, urban vs. rural setting and regional economic pressures. More than 10,000 members responded to the AAPC annual salary survey:

  • CPC-I $68,593
  • CPC-P $55,172
  • Specialty $53,725
  • Multiple Specialties $52,777
  • CPC-H $51,980
  • CPC $45,253
  • Certified $44,740
  • CPC-A $34,699
  • Non-certified $…….

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